MATCH BOX has evolved out of images from the 2011 riots.

The basic mechanics of this revolve around the separation of matchbox into match box, from of matchbox into a match box. The poetry is in letting the context transform it from a noun into a verb in order to expose the nature of the act upon the thing, and the object of the act as the thing done.

I am preoccupied with the surface, aesthetics and geometry but rather than develop ways to see through the surface to explore other illusory dimensions, I’m much more interested in the dimensions between the object and the eye. Instead of seeing past the image I prefer to look through it like a mirror, in a way that lets it tint my perspective.

So for me right now, this image has become something like the media image used to solicit sympathy, the one of a teddy bear discarded in the wreckage of a disaster, although the child’s toy in this picture is the wreckage itself. (First published AUG 26 2012 on Tumblr)


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Artist waxing quixotic

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