MATCH BOX – On appropriation ( I )


MATCH BOX – On appropriation

It’s like that because that’s the way it is.

Matchbox copied a police car to reproduce as a toy and I copied that to reproduce as art.

It’s all about the surface. I embellish the surface to establish gravity and I contrive a composition with which to direct the eye. I appropriate imagery for the same reason we pull words from dictionaries, to employ specific meanings and ideas that they embody.

From the derivative perspective it had to be Matchbox and not Hot Wheels, because its nature is closer to the truth, it embodies verisimilitude. You have to reflexively know that and instinctively appreciate its special significance, which is akin to a child’s teddy bear. Perhaps even more special considering how boys often project special relationships onto cars as men.

The point of this picture is to reach that starting point, in order to look at images of burning police cars from a specific perspective tinted by Matchbox. The paradox is of course that presumably it already is. (First published SEP 7 2012 on Tumblr)


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