Flaming Hearts by DRB

Flaming Hearts by DRB

The ‘Sacred Heart of Jesus’ is one of the most recognizable Catholic symbols. The heart is often depicted bleeding, pierced by thorns or daggers but always flaming as it appeared in the original miracle. Pope Pius XI specifically associated it with the spirit of reparation, which in Catholic tradition includes specific prayers for insults and blasphemies that are recited with the intent to repair the sins of others.

To put it into context, if one hears a child swear you could exclaim ‘Sacré Coeur!’ to counteract any damage done by sharing responsibility as another human being under God. Anything less would seem absurd – like you could side with God or have shared in his suffering in any way.

So I’ve updated the symbol of the Sacred Heart in response to the recent avalanche of arrests for the crime of potentially causing someone to take something to heart, the potential to insult. I have in mind the policeman allegedly called a ‘plebe’ by a Member of Parliament, the police horse singled out as being ‘gay’, the grieving father sent to jail for wearing an insulting t-shirt… and all the rest that went unreported.


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  1. The House of Lords on Wednesday night (12:12:12) voted to remove a law that criminalises the use of insulting language in Britain.

    The upper chamber voted to erase the word “insulting” from the clause in the Public Order Act that covers speech and writing on signs which states “a person is guilty of an offence if he uses threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour.”


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